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Electrical HVAC Webinar: Controls

AUG 25, 11 am EST

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About webinar

In this webinar we will be going over the basic AC controls. We will start off with how electricity works, We will go into what controls are basically needed in an AC unit and we will finish up with how they go wired in the unit and how to test to see if it is one of these controls that has failed.


As we go through the webinar the attendees will be able to ask questions and interact with the instructor online.


Who should attend

This webinar should be at attended by anyone in the HVAC field that would like to become more proficient at reading HVAC prints and schematics often found in an air-conditioning systems.


We will cover mostly the semantics that are used in residential or light commercial applications.


So if you have had problems when it comes to the electrical side of an air conditioning system you should definitely attend this webinar.

Why you should attend this webinar

Anyone that would like to improve their electrical troubleshooting skills when it comes to the HVAC field should attend this webinar.


If you find yourself at times with electrical problems that are difficult to find, you should attend this webinar so that you can sharpen your skills and become more proficient at finding the problem, fixing it and moving on to the next job.


About Teacher

Julio Herrera is the co-founder of AirCon Academy and an experienced vocational technical skills instructor for over 30 years.

In 1979 Julio enlisted in the US NAVY where he acquired necessary skills in maintaining and servicing various types of air conditioning systems, air handlers, chillers, hydraulics/pneumatics systems, pumps, and boilers.

After the Navy, Julio made a decision to continue his career as a building engineer with Washington Metropolitan Air Transit Authority (WMATA) where he developed a passion for teaching. He felt strongly about sharing and passing his knowledge to others and taught HVAC systems, Refrigeration, Electrical Motors, Schematics, Basic Electricity, and Heat Pumps, as well, as prep courses for CFC Universal and R410-A and other refrigerants to over 9,000 students during his teaching career.


Julio Herrera believes that the online technical skills training school without walls “AirCon Academy” will provide the opportunity to learn HVAC trade to everyone, any place, any time, on any device.


“I enjoy teaching and seeing how information and knowledge which I give to my students, changes their confidence at a work place, enhances careers, and improves their financial state. I am proud of my students who are now owners of HVAC companies, directors of building engineering, or just extraordinary HVAC professionals who can troubleshoot the equipment, fix it if needed, and suggest improvements to it’s maintenance”

Julio Herrera

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